Breathing Circle

Breathing Circle | Outdoor installation | 2008

Seven large stainless steel letters compose the imperative of the verb “BREATHE”. Forming a perfect circle on the ground, their mirrored surfaces reflect the surrounding natural environment. The letters have a length of one metre and are placed equidistantly upon the perimeter of an imaginary circle 7 metres in diameter (Nb. the circle’s diameter can be adjusted to suit the available space). The letters’ horizontal surface slopes toward the circle’s centre, with the highest point of each letter at 35cm and the lowest at 5cm.

The natural incline of the ground is calculated so that each letter is partly submerged into the ground at a depth such as to ensure that all seven letters are leveled on a common, horizontal, subterranean foundation. The aim here is to create the illusion that the word BREATHE surfaces from below, as if emerging from a notional water table deep down. This re-activates one’s perception of the surrounding landscape creating in the process a deeper awareness and understanding to one’s own connection with the earth itself.


Breathing Circle a site specific installation by Danae Stratou. Sani Festival in collaboration with the Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art. Curators: Areti Leopolulou & Theodore Markoglou. Halkidiki, Greece. (2008)

Art + Nature: Environment Action ’08, Villa Kazouli, co production of The State Museum of Contemporary Art &The Hellenic Ministry of Public Works and the Environment. Curator: Yannis Bolis. Athens, Greece. (2008-9)