Liquid Banks

Liquid Banks | Site specific installation proposal Venice, Italy, 2017

Like temples, banks appear to us as our cities’ most impressive and lavish edifices.

Like temples, banks derive their authority from an immaterial faith in some indeterminate, mysterious, all-powerful force: divinity in the case of temples, liquid value in the case of banks.

And just like nothing threatens false gods more than being exposed, banks exposed to their own hubris meet the nemesis of illiquidity and, in short shrift, insolvency. That is when they turn liquid, liquidated, the scourge of the cities that looked up to their façade of invulnerability and the cause of generalized hardship and angst.

Liquid Banks visually tells a universal story of hubris-turned-into-nemesis, juxtaposing the liquidity that keeps the banks afloat with their own liquid state once they cross the Rubicon of common sense.

© Danae Stratou, all rights reserved.