Soul Forest

Soul Forest | Photographic installation | 2007

I Imagine a Forest
A place that could be real or from a fairy tale,
a place on the edge of the conscious and subonscious world
where these two worlds almost touch each other…

Tall trees coming out of the fog pointing upwards
To nothingness
To white light

I wander around;
I feel small.
They are huge.
I walk away and they remain.

I feel huge.

Danae Stratou

Soul Forest is an installation comprising seven freestanding photographic “sculptures” depicting a forest from the higlands of Indian Kashmir. The photographs were taken by Danae Stratou in 2005, when she was traveling along the Line Of Control between Indian and Pakistani Cashmir, in order to reach and photographically document moments from everyday life along the Line of Control (LoC) dividing Kashmir, for the purposes of her project Cut – 7 dividing lines.


Places in Zone D. Curator: Daphne Zoumboulakis. Organised by Zone D Projects. Loft Spaces, Athens, Greece.

Private Collection, Greece.