The Breathe Wall

The Breathe Wall | Permanent outdoor installation | 2002

A commissioned artwork by the Public School Building Authority. It is a new building in the center of down town Athens. I was commissioned to design and undertake the construction of an art installation for the high school yard wall. The wall is 20m X 7,50m. My idea was to create a concrete wall, and imprint in it, the word BREATHE in as many different languages as I could find.

I believe it is a work that can function on different levels for the children that will experience its presence in their every day life. My intention is that it will be a stimulus for them to think of breath as life, living life fully, deeply and consciously. The fact that the same word is being used in many (35) different languages, suggests that the world is there for them to explore. Another factor that I took under consideration is the fact that many of the children who attend this school come from different countries and cultures. I thought it would be important for all children to find the word in their own language and that this would make them feel as a part of the whole.