48th Venice Biennale | Venice, 1999

48th Venice Biennale

Commissioned by: Anna Kafetsi

Project participation: Water Perspective

Greek Pavillion

Venice, Italy, 1999

The work was created for, and presented in the Greek Pavilion, at the 48th Venice Biennale in 1999. It is comprised of a perpendicular video projection which only becomes visible through the openings of 936 square sectioned aluminium tubes (10cm X 10cm X 3.30m), placed next to and above each other, creating a cube which functions as a viewing perspective grid (3m X 4m X 3.30m). An audio-visual system is placed on the back space, behind the three-dimensional screen. The projection covers the entire back wall and sounds are emitted from the far end of the space. By moving closer and further from the work, ones perception of it changes all the time. This is achieved by the different perspectives created due to the depth/length of the three dimensional screen created by the aluminium tubes.