9th International Biennale of Sculpture | Athens, 1996

9th International Biennale of Sculpture 1996-97

The Merit of the Dialogue – Transmutations of the Plastic Language

Curated by: Bia Papadopoulou

Participation with the Project: Curve

Scyronium Museum

Athens, Greece, 1996

The Exhibition entitled ” The Value of the Dialogue: Transmutations of the plastic language explored the nature and substance of the work of art. More precisely, the work of art is considered a means of communication since it constitutes the external stimulus / the primary source / and object which provokes and sets in motion the sensory perception of the viewer.

This exhibition supported that when the plastic language was formed and imprinted in the final form of a work of art, in its totality, remained stable. The transmutations were seen as conceptual; they were related to the viewer, to the function of perception and to the objective dimensions given to the image.

The exhibition was defined as a magical journey, a walk in nature. The work excited the viewer. However, at the same time these works became scattered communicative signs which “Conversed” among themselves as well as “conversing” with the perpetual environmental changes and the continuous flow of time. The viewer was invited to decipher codified images and to penetrate the intangible world of ideas within a work of art. Further he was occasionally faced with a different attitude towards traditional sculpture.

The element of surprise was the trademark of the exhibition since it transformed the passive visitor into a demanding and ambitious reader and interpreter of secret messages. The artists commented upon an existential situation which delved  into the everyday reality of consumption, the timeless specter of life and death, the concurrence of objective perception and illusion as well as the state of being and non being. Regardless of the artist’s intentions, the recipient/viewer is left free in front of the images to trace and interpret the “hieroglyphics” of the contemporary- cognitively transmutable- artistic language.

Danae Stratou participated with the project Curve.