Borders, Barriers, Walls | Melbourne, 2016

Borders, Barriers, Walls

Curated by: Francis E. Parker

Project Participation: The Globalising Wall

Monash University Museum of Art

Duration: April 30th – July 2nd

Melbourne, Australia, 2016

The exhibition was entitled Borders, Barriers, Walls and indeed, borders, barriers and walls delineated this project that  included artists from around the world. It reflected on how these selectively impervious, contested or convoluted forms shape the world, producing situations of separation, isolation or thwarted passage across the globe, from the exile of Tasmanian Indigenous peoples to the islands of Bass Strait in the nineteenth century, for example, to present refugee crises. Whether they be physical constructions, psychological constructs or natural defenses, the exhibition considered the forces by which they are either upheld or breached.

My participation in this show comprised the video installation The Globalising Wall (2012). A work initially presented at the International Adelaide Festival –Restless in Australia.