Cut – 7 dividing lines | Athens, 2007

Cut – 7 dividing lines

Solo Exhibition

Curated by: Maria Maragou

Zoumboulakis Galleries

Athens, Greece, 2007

Cut – 7 dividing lines was exhibited in Athens at Zoumboulakis Galleries, in the context of, and parallel to the group exhibition Grey, hosted by the House of Cyprus in collaboration with Rethymnon Contemporary Art Centre (RCA). Participating artists were coming from both Greece and Cyprus.

Cut – 7 dividing lines comprises seven pairs of photographs printed on large transparencies which were set opposite each other in order to create a visual pathway. The artist travelled in seven fault lines around the world capturing on photographic stills the two sides of each division. The trips were realized in the year of 2006 at the following places:

Cyprus: Green Line, Kosovo: North- South Mitrovica, Northern Ireland: Belfast, Ethiopia- Eritrea: Badme, West Bank- Palestine: Wall, Indian – Pakistani Administered Kashmir: Line of Control, Mexico- US : Border Fence