Icastica | Arezzo, 2015


Artistic Direction by: Fabio Migliorati

Participation with the Project: Icesongs2

Arezzo, Italy, 2015

Icastica was the third sequence of a cultural event that deals with international aesthetics through art. It is organized by the Culture Department of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy. Icastica took place in Arezzo from the 27th June to the 25th October. That year’s theme was ‘cultivate the culture’ in the wake of the concept of Expo 2015,  ‘feeding the planet, energy for life’, that took place in Milan. Icastica was hosted in several venues in the center of Arezzo.

My participation in this show comprised the video installation ICESONGS2, realized in 2012 with the collaboration of Vasilis Kountouris. The work was initially commissioned and presented at the exhibition “Sonic Time, speech/sound/silence – From the EMST collection” curated by the museum’s director, Anna Kafetsi, (Athens, Greece, 2012).