Icesongs | Brussels, 2010


Solo Exhibition

Curated by: Alice Morgaine

La Verriere

Fondation D’ Enterprise Hermes

Brussels, Belgium, 2010

Icesongs. La Verriere

Fondation D’ Enterprise Hermes. Brussels, Belgium.

Curator: Alice Morgaine.

Icesongs was a site specific multimedia installation comprising a 20′ sound-scape, a floor piece and the the element of water. The composition derived  from sounds captured by underwater water microphones existing on the seabed of the Antarctic, used by researchers  for monitoring Antarctica’s melting ice shelf.

Upon entering the space, a primal songlike sound attacked the senses. A square, shallow water tank, located centrally in the space, was fully filled. The whole floor resembled an abstract image, a dark blue square gradually transforming into a bright white, as it reached the room’s edges.

The work was an interactive experience as the audience had to enter the space barefoot and feel the various elements of the installation.