It’s Time to Open the Black Boxes! | Mallorca, 2018

Solo Exhibition

Curated by: Ines Muñozcano

Organised by: Ajuntament de Pollenca

Museu de Pollenca

Exhibition Duration: 14 July – 30 September 2018

Mallorca, Spain, 2018

The project “It’s Time to Open the Balck Boxes!” is an ongoing participatory art project initiated by artist Danae Stratou who invites us to actively participate by contributing one word. By joining our “voices”, the project aims at activating a dialogue constituting, in itself, a collective response to our multifaceted predicament. By opening the ‘Black Boxes’ we symbolically bring to light the words that reflect what threatens us the most, or that which we are desperately eager to preserve. The project was inaugurated in Athens, Greece, (2012). It has since travelled in Krems, Austria, (2016) and in Paris, France, (2017) and now in Mallorca, Spain (2018). It is investigating the space between art, democracy and political action by focusing on how society responds directly (without parliamentary representation) to issues that affects it, through the medium of art.