Lives and Works in Istanbul | Istanbul, 2010

Lives and Works in Istanbul

Istanbul 2010 Cultural Capital of Europe

Visual Arts Director: Beral Madra. Tophane

Project Participation: Vital Space Humanity – Istanbul  

Istanbul, Turkey, 2010

This first version of Vital Space – Humanity was presented in Istanbul in 2010 at Tophane. This video installation has been Danae Stratou’s participation in the project Lives and Works in Istanbul, part of the central program of the Istanbul – Cultural Capital of Europe 2010 events. Danae Stratou was invited to participate by the Visual Arts Director, Beral Madra.

The other artists who participated in the project are: Victor Burgin, Sophie Calle, Antoni Muntadas, Peter Kögler and Remo Salvadori. The shooting in Istanbul took place in April & May 2010, during Danae Stratou’s and her collaborators’ stay in the city.