Open Plan 2008 | Athens, 2008

Open Plan 2008

Curated by: Bettina M. Busse

Project Participation: The Soma The Psyche The Spirit The Self

Art Athina-Zone-D Gallery

Athens, Greece, 2008

Under the artistic direction of Christos Savvidis and the creative coordination of, Art Athina 2008, once again collaborated with Greek and international art professionals, in order to deliver a rich, stimulating programme of projects and events that balanced a commercial and curatorial approach. Curator Bettina Busse (Berlin) invited interesting international art galleries to exhibit sculptures and installations, stretching the limits of the traditional art fair.

The Soma The Psyche The Spirit The Self is a video installation projected on two facing freestanding walls. It comprises two counter-opposed projections, mirroring one another, and depicting the figure of a Shaolin monk, in his traditional orange robe, moving in from a distance. The two images differ only in that the one is a slightly more ethereal version of the other. The Shaolin monk’s movement is choreographed based on the Tai-Chi form. The space between the two projection screens is energized by the synchronized movements, as he approaches, slowly moving closer and closer toward his ethereal self (in the opposite screen). The energy builds up as the movement becomes increasingly faster, and the choreography shifts seamlessly from Tai-Chi to Kung-Fu. The video is shot in front of the main gate of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, circa 1936.