Politics of Art | Athens, 2010

Politics of Art

Curated by: Anna Kafetsi

Project Participation: Cut- 7 dividing lines

National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)

Athens, Greece, 2010

The aim of the exhibition, passing from the politics of the collection to the politics of art, is to investigate, through different fields, the ways and strategies of the presented works, which explicitly or implicitly refer to political, financial and social issues and events, the political potential of contemporary art, its invention as a new way of speaking about what the politicians and scholars are addressing, its possibility to function as a pivot of critical and alternative political thinking. The political uses of public space, the states and experiences of oppression, the violent socio-political conflicts, the violation of human rights and discrimination, the financial globalization, the reconstruction of collective memory and the reestablishment of a collective social space are some of the issues investigated in a critical light by the works in the exhibition, opening a dialogue with the society and everyday life, seeking alternative policies for collective action and artistic activism and a new interactive relationship between the artist and the community, both local and global.

Anna Kafetsi

Excerpt from the original catalogue