The Globalising Wall: Focusing on the US | Mexico, 2014

The Globalising Wall: Focusing on the US

Mexico Border

Mexico, 2014

As part of the LBJ School of Public Affairs’ Conference NAFTA+20 – An Assessment of Intended and Unintended Effects, visual artist Danae Stratou presented a special edition of her project The Globalising Wall.

The work took the form of a photographic installation at the Auditorium’s entrance area focusing on the US–Mexican border and featuring a sequence of about 50 photographs of the Border Fence|Wall (taken in the summer of 2006 by the artist during a road trip along and across the US and Mexican border, from Tijuana to El Paso and back). The images formed a photographic strip that wrapped around the circumference of the walls surrounding the Auditorium’s entry/exit area. Thus, as they entered and exited the Auditorium, conference participants were ‘surrounded’ by the Border Fence|Wall’s unfolding presence.

In addition to the photographic installation, a special edition of The Globalising Wall’s original video created for screening in auditoriums or screen presentations, was presented during the conference, (8’50’’ duration). This version comes with a new original score composed by composer Ada Pitsou.