Water / Currents | Thessaloniki, 2008

Water / Currents

Curated by: Gabriel Bauret & Vangelis Ioakimidis

Co-organized by: Thessaloniki Museum of Photography / Prix Pictet / Candlestar

Produced by: TMP / Pictet

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Thessaloniki, Greece, 2008

This exhibition included different currents of photography as they were expressed through the works of Prix Pictet, as well as projects by artists from Greece and abroad. One part of the exhibition included photographs from the short listed artists of the Pictet award and presented the issue of sustainability, the social and environmental dimension which permeated the element of water. The other part included works by Greek and foreign artists which transmit images of fiction, contemplation and frivolity. In Currents, documentary photography and photography of the unreal came into a dialogue echoing the variations which was a result from photographic creation.

Participating artists:
Manolis Baboussis, Gabriele Basilico, Venia Behraki, Jordi Bernado, Sotiris Danezis, Giorgia Fiorio, Stratos Kalafatis, Kostas Kolokythas, Evangelia Kranioti, Lucie and Simon, Suzanna Majuri, Nikos Markou, Paris Petridis, Mark Power, Lucille Reyboz, Jacqueline Salmon, Jason and Carlos Sanchez, Αlessandra Spranzi, Danae Stratou, Patrick Taberna, Yiannis Theodoropoulos, Alexey Titarenko, Βill Viola, Yiorgis Yerolymbos, Krystyna Ziach

The exhibition was realized as part of the sub-project 3 of the Operational Program “Culture”.