Caravanserai | Tbilisi, Georgia, 2005


Caravanserai 2005.

International Forum of Visual Arts & Arts Events. Tbilisi, Georgia.

Project Participation: See Through

Curator: Maria Tsantsanoglou.

The Caravanserai program, was an artistic event of contemporary art for international artists based in Tbilisi. The highlight of this event dwelled on getting together production and reflection. (Universities, Museums, Curators, Artists, Art Critics..), theory and practice, and putting side by side artists from all over the world. Actually the aim of this forum was to become a platform of scientific and philosophical research upon contemporary art development in the actual CIS States (Former Soviet Republics) and their capitals (Tbilisi, Kiev, Kishinev, Baku, Almaty etc.) as important cultural poles.

Danae Stratou participated with an image of  the project series: See Through