Desert Breath | Egypt, 1997


Desert Breath.

Sahara, Egypt, 1997

D.A.ST Arteam


Desert Breath is a group project created by D.A.ST. Arteam, (Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou, Stella Constantinides). It is an Earth Work that covers 100.000 m2, in the eastern Sahara desert bordering the Red Sea in Egypt. Its construction consists of the displacement of 8.000 m3 of sand formed so as to create precise positive and negative conical volumes. The conical volumes form two interlocking spirals that move out from a common centre with a phase difference of 180 degrees in the same direction of rotation. The centre is a 30-metre diameter vessel formed in a W-shaped section and filled with water to its rim.

The construction of Desert Breath began in June 1995 and was completed in March 1997 when it’s inauguration took place with the presence of a wide international audience and press.

Desert Breath still exists becoming through its slow disintegration, an instrument to measure the passage of time.

D.A.ST. Arteam