New Horizons, Ilias Lalaounis Museum | Athens, Greece 2018


“New Horizons”
Ilias Lalaounis Museum
Project Participation : Life Line
Exhibition Duration: 23rd May – 23 August 2018
Curated by: Ioanna Lalaounis

This show hosted both jewellery designers and sculptors in an effort to explore the differences and/or similarities in a unique approach of each discipline. I decided to utilize one of the museum’s walls installed with hollow show case windows as a landscape and to “connect” them through a common horizon, in other words, a life line. The work consisted of ten plexiglass hollow cubes, (missing the front side), installed in the show case windows of the museum’s wall. On the back side of the cubes the image of a seascape horizon was featured, which run through dissecting all ten cubes at the same level. At that level, a silver threaded chain was weaved through permeating the sides of the cubes, thus creating a three dimensional “horizon” plane which expanded all the way to the edge of the cube and gave the sense of continuity.