Scarecrow | Greece 2006



Evangelos Averof-Tositsas Foundation. Metsovo, Greece.

Project Participation: Introspec

Curators: Olga Daniylopoulou, Nico de Oliveira, Nicola Oxley.


The exhibition SCARECROW took place in an old vineyard in the north of Greece at the foot of St. Nichola’s monastery in Metsovo in June 2006. Danae’s work in this international show was entitled INTROSPEC. A site specific out door installation comprising a 15 meter long path that was dug into the steep side of the hill shadowed by trees. Its walls were built by stacking vine branches along sides of the path so as to create a narrow pathway about three meters high, through which the viewer is in invited to enter. The pathway is slightly inclined and the edges of the vine-branches almost touch you as you walk through uphill, creating an uneasy feeling and the anticipation to reach the opening at the end of the passage. Just then, in the last meter, you suddenly find yourself looking at your own image in the mirror that seemed to be the opening.