Title: Javelin
Date: 1990
Location: Athens Greece
Media: Aluminium, stainless steel rod, steel base.
Size: 20ft L X 5ft H (at mid point)

Description: The 20ft Javelin was custom made out of a 6in aluminium rod and connected to a 5ft high steel rod at its mid point at and balances at an angle by the difference between the Javelin’s weight and the steel rod’s resistance.  It has been Exhibited at:

  • Expoarte Guadalajara ’97. Participation with Ice Box Gallery. Guadalajara, Mexico (1997).
  • The 9th International Biennale of Sculpture 1996-97. The Merit of the Dialogue – Transmutations of the Plastic Language. Curator, Bia Papadopoulou. Scyronium Museum. Athens & Megara, Greece (1997).
  • Christie’s 1962+. Greek Sale IX. Christie’s. Organized by Christie’s at the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens (2000).

Private collection, Greece. Edition 1/7
Private collection, Greece. Edition 2/7