Airth Gates

Airport Entrance Project “To travel hopefully…” air travellers are welcomed into and out of Austin through a dynamic elliptical structure carved out of, and into, Texas’ primordial elements: its Sky and its Earth. I sought to utilise the same textures, principles and materials that I have always used in my work and to combine them with local, Austin-based, expertise in the […]

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Liquid Banks

Like temples, banks appear to us as our cities’ most impressive and lavish edifices. Like temples, banks derive their authority from an immaterial faith in some indeterminate, mysterious, all-powerful force: divinity in the case of temples, liquid value in the case of banks. And just like nothing threatens false gods more than being exposed, banks […]

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The proposal that follows was the result of a careful study of the specific site, as well as the broader Upper Guadalupe River area. My aim for this Earthwork is to respect but also to accentuate, to celebrate and at once embrace, the innate qualities of this remarkable landscape. RIVERLAND is a land art project that […]

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In the context of the: Outdoor Artistic Interventions – Project To take place within the greater sea area in the delta of the rivers: Axios  – Loudias – Aliakmonas in Northern Greece In a time of major confluence of economic and environmental crises, contemporary art, especially when it takes place in public spaces and is designed to […]

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VS Nature | Humanity

Vital Space: Nature | Humanity  is an ongoing project in progress. In its totality, the project raises questions regarding humanity’s current path and, in particular, the ways in which the great economic meltdown of our times combines with the looming environmental crisis to procure the future’s challenges. Vital Space is a video project to be realised in […]

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