The exhibition invites Greek and Cypriot artists, in an effort to explore the correlations between the rhetoric of resilience, ecology, urban planning, sustainability and social organization. The participating artists are invited to explore the ways in which artistic gesture can contribute to the understanding of resilience within a compassionate and consoling discourse that can – […]

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Platforms Project | Athens, 2018

Platforms Project, is a group artist exhibition that includes a rich and multifaceted program of lectures, videos and performances by the participating teams. The aim is to present the independent artistic scene, as it is expressed by artist run initiatives. The project was directed by Artemis Potamianou and Michalis Argyrou. This Project is presented for […]

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Topoi, Benaki Museum | Athens, 2007

The Topoi exhibition was the Museum’s third grand venture in Athens. By proposing the rather abstract title of Topoi, which translates to “places”, art historian and the Museum’s artistic director, Denis Zaharopoulos, referred to “conceptual places which every one of us can be part of, or imagine what artistic creation and works of art mean, what meaning and […]

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Breathing Circle

Breathing Circle a site specific installation by Danae Stratou. Seven large stainless steel letters compose the imperative of the verb “BREATHE”. Forming a perfect circle on the ground, their mirrored surfaces reflect the surrounding natural environment. The letters have a length of one metre and are placed equidistantly upon the perimeter of an imaginary circle 7 metres […]

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Soul Forest

Soul Forest is a photographic installation comprising seven freestanding photographic “sculptures” depicting a forest from the highlands of Indian Kashmir. The photographs were taken by Danae Stratou in 2005, when she was travelling along the Line Of Control between Indian and Pakistani Cashmir, in order to reach and photographically document moments from everyday life along the Line […]

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Airth Gates

Airport Entrance Project “To travel hopefully…” air travellers are welcomed into and out of Austin through a dynamic elliptical structure carved out of, and into, Texas’ primordial elements: its Sky and its Earth. I sought to utilise the same textures, principles and materials that I have always used in my work and to combine them with local, Austin-based, expertise in the […]

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VS Nature | Humanity

Vital Space: Nature | Humanity  is an ongoing project in progress. In its totality, the project raises questions regarding humanity’s current path and, in particular, the ways in which the great economic meltdown of our times combines with the looming environmental crisis to procure the future’s challenges. Vital Space is a video project to be realised in […]

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