Merimbula was originally presented in the context of Danae Stratou’s solo show titled Burning Issues – Merimbula. Curated by Christoforos Marinos and organised by the City of Athens Culture, Sports and Youth Organisation (OPANDA), the show was hosted at The City of Athens Art Centre, in Parko Eleftherias (Freedom Park), Athens, Greece from 25 May […]

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Lands of Creation, a Tribute to Metsovo | Metsovo, 2019

Dedicated to the land, to creation, vision and continuity, the exhibition Lands of Creation, is a tribute to Metsovo and highlights the diversity of creative paths and the energy of contemporary art in Greece. The exhibition features original works by 64 major Greek artists. Danae Stratou participated with a specially adapted version of her work Upon the Earth Under the […]

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Memories of Nature | Raleigh, 2001

Art in Transition was a series of three exhibitions that combined North Carolina Artists with international artists through specific themes. CAM, transformed previously unoccupied buildings in Raleigh into temporary museum spaces for the purposes of each exhibition . The first exhibition from this series, was titled Memories of Nature. It presented the work of five artists […]

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Sketching out Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday | Metsovo, 2002

An exhibition of 51 artists with works inspired by their encounter with the region of Ioannina. The works of sculpture, figurative, abstract and geometric painting, conceptual installation, video installation and animation, wall hangings and mobiles, light boxes, and photography created a microcosmic record/presentation of the Greek contemporary art scene. As part of the exhibition Sketching […]

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Topoi, Benaki Museum | Athens, 2007

The Topoi exhibition was the Museum’s third grand venture in Athens. By proposing the rather abstract title of Topoi, which translates to “places”, art historian and the Museum’s artistic director, Denis Zaharopoulos, referred to “conceptual places which every one of us can be part of, or imagine what artistic creation and works of art mean, what meaning and […]

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