Site Specific Installation

Curated by: Efi Strousa

Sarantopoulos Flour-Mills

Athens, Greece, 2000

Deep within the ground there are caverns and tunnels and ways for the sacred energy to travel. Earth inhales and exhales just as we do; sacred life energy moves within her body as it does in ours.

Hopi Indians

This work was originally installed and shown at an old warehouse in Athens, near the docks of Piraeus harbor. This is a very interesting, industrial area, which is a natural junction between the city and the sea. Both the installations Breathe and Water Section develop a dialectic relationship with the space. The one space prepares you to enter into the next one, though they are very opposite in nature.  The space of Breathe is a warm, dark, esoteric environment.  This space was deliberately left untouched, old, as it was, in total antithesis of the space of Water Section, which was totally transformed into a white, bright and austere space.

For Breathe the space was left untouched, old and dilapidated as it was. Upon entering the installation’s space, the viewer is enveloped by the scent of earth as he physically walks upon the rich layer of reddish earth that covers the entire space. At the center of the space, a round pool of light attracts the viewer to approach. The gentle esoteric sounds of breathing and the subtle rhythmic movement of the earth itself furthers the magnetic pull on the viewer’s senses creating an active involvement, as all of the senses are evoked. At the installation’s centre, inanimate earth was energized and given movement. The breathing motion “expands” and energizes the whole space. The sounds are echoes of the primal act of breathing. This work seeks to motivate the synergy between the intellectual and the emotive realms thus evoking the physical recollection of the ‘memory-experience’ of a primeval relationship to the world.



Breathe & Water Section

Curated by: Efi Strousa

Sarantopoulos Flour-Mills

Athens, Greece, 2000


1st Bienal de Valencia 2001: Passions

Curated by: Achille Bonito Oliva

Main exhibition Boby and Sin

Valencia, Spain, 2001


Christie’s Contemporary

Curated by Elisavet Lyra

Athens, Greece, 2001


Part of the Collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST), Athens, Greece.

Acquired 2009, donated by Private Collector Mr. F. Bobolas


Photography: Dimitris Tanviskos

Videography: Marianna Oikonomou