Almyra Blue

Wall Sculpture

Private Collection

Athens, Greece, 2021

The three elements of water, metal and earth are the raw materials of Danae Stratou’s artworks whose inspiration has always come, largely, from the artist’s need, and practice, ceaselessly to traverse the planet’s oceans and landmasses. So, when she was commissioned to produce works for Almyra, her favourite elements came together with her penchant for the never-ending journey. The thought of Almyra crossing the oceans, cutting through the Big Blue, its wake washing upon the world’s landmasses, was the motivating force behind the works that she produced for the good ship, both its deck and its interior. The perspective she chose for the work on the ship’s deck (Almyra Blue) was that of an albatross flying directly above Almyra, catching a glimpse of how its curved, metal shape carves its way through the water. 

Wall Sculpture, part of a private collection. Created in Athens, Greece, 2021.

Aluminium sheet (10 mm, laser cut), hand painted Marine Colour

Dimensions (total): 300cm X 90cm

Photo Rendering: Lefteris Virirakis (Architects + Visualizers)