Earth Cubes

Site Specific – Land Art Installation

Curated by: Efi Strousa


Venice, Italy, 2000


Venice is a place were one becomes constantly aware of the tension created between the elements; Water and Land…

The work was inspired by and created on site in Lido-Venice for the outdoor international exhibition OPEN 2000. Nine earth cubes, 2m X 2m each, were created on a strip of land covering an area of 42m in length. Escalating in elevation, starting from -30cm and ending up +30cm from ground level, the horizontal surface of the earth cubes was covered with a mirror, reflecting the surrounding nature and giving the impression that they were filled with water to the rim. 

Danae Stratou

Earth Cubes in the context of the exhibition Open 2000International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations

Media: Land Art (Soil, Mirrors)

Dimentions: 904 ft2