Javelin | Vertical

Sculptural Installation

Curated by: Efi Strousa

Cultural Centre Costis Palamas

Athens, Greece, 1994

Sculptural Installation, created in Athens, Greece, 1994. Javelin (vertical) is custom made out of a 4cm thick aluminum rod, 600cm in height and hangs from the ceiling, just millimeters above a central water feature. The water vessel is surrounded by a 200cm circle, filled with black heavy mineral sand, forming concentric circles/ripples at the same level as the waters surface.

Aluminum, Steel Metal Ring, Stainless Steel Vessel, Broken Glass, Water, Black Mineral Sand.

H: 6m, W: (centre) 4cm.
Prototype: Edition of 7

Exhibited at:
Women Creators of the Two Seas. Organized by Unesco in the context of the Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe 1997. Thessaloniki, Greece (1997).
Four Decades of Artistic Quest. Curator: Efi Strousa. Cultural Centre Costis Palamas. Athens, Greece (1994).