Project Proposal

In the context of the: Outdoor Artistic Interventions – Project
To take place within the greater sea area in the delta of the rivers: Axios  – Loudias – Aliakmonas in Northern Greece

In a time of major confluence of economic and environmental crises, contemporary art, especially when it takes place in public spaces and is designed to reach and address a wider audience, could and should play a significant role in using the artist’s perspective for dissolving the polarisation which characterizes the current dialogue on our relationship with nature and with one another. It can activate a deeper awareness about the most pressing issues of our time and help discern how art can be used to reach and influence a wider audience across the world. Art has its finger on the planet’s pulse and can mediate human deliberation on the course of our future.

At a selected point in the wider sea area in the bay that expands between the local lighthouse and an abandoned improvised restaurant named Bangladesh, a water cube will be created in the form of a shallow tank. The construction will be designed so that depending on the sea levels variations, the water volume will at some times be submerged beneath the surrounding water’s surface while at other times it will protrude. In this way a square shaped water plain will sometimes emerge from the water surrounding it while at others it will be defined as a square shaped plain of perfectly smooth water within the Seascape.

Photo Rendering: Lefteris Virirakis (Architects + Visualizers)