Upon the Earth Under the Clouds

Site Specific – Land Art Installation

Curated by: Alexandra Koroxenidis, Art Historian

Organised by: Aeschylia Festival & Cultural Capital Of Europe 2023

Old Oil Mill Factory

Eleusis, Greece, 2023


Marking the opening of the Aeschylia Festival, the installation was presented at the Old Oil Mill of Eleusis from June – November 2017.

Upon the Earth Under the Clouds is a large-scale site-specific installation conceived for the Old Mill and the city of Eleusis. Using water and soil as its core materials and ceramic pots as its dominant morphological feature, the work enters into a dialogue with the rich history of Eleusis, from antiquity to the long industrial history of the city and its present-day structure. Woven into its narrative are the myth of Demeter and Persephone, mortality, the notion of voyaging, the existential quest for a destination, and migration, not only as a defining feature of the city’s history but also as a repeated historical occurrence.

The installation consists of approximately one thousand hand-made ceramic vessels placed in the outdoor spaces of the Old Oil Mill. The ceramic pots are half dug into the earth and filled with water to their rim thus reflecting the sky above. They are placed in such a way that they create a pathway – inviting the viewer to walk through – from the depth of the site weaving its way through the derelict buildings and silos, leading out to the sea.

For the implementation of the project, in addition to the 1000 hand-made ceramic vessels designed by Danae Stratou and created in Thapsano village in Crete over a period of six months, 1800 cubic meters of soil were moved to the site, 100 cubic meters of water were used, while a total of 60 people worked.


Curator: Alexandra Koroxenidis, Art Historian

Project Management, Production Planning & Communications: Medianeras -Georgia Voudouri, Angeliki Zervou

Landscape design, Implementation & Supervision: ECOSCAPES

Pottery making: Pottery Art Choulakis, (Thrapsano, Crete)

Sound Design: Studio 19

Lighting: No Dark

Production design: Vital Space & Medianeras

Video Documentation: Panos Kallitsis

Photography: Panos Kokkinias, Nicholas Momferratos



Aisxylia Festival

Municipality of Eleusis

Eleusis- Cultural Capital of Europe 2023



Helleniq Energy

Titan S.A.