VS Nature | Humanity

Ongoing Project in Progress

Vital Space: Nature | Humanity  is an ongoing project in progress. In its totality, the project raises questions regarding humanity’s current path and, in particular, the ways in which the great economic meltdown of our times combines with the looming environmental crisis to procure the future’s challenges. Vital Space is a video project to be realised in two parts. Part One addresses Nature while Part Two concerns Humanity. Both consist of two juxtaposed projections thus forming two autonomus yet complemetary video installations.

VS Nature sets humanity’s parametres; it projects images of land and sea depicting our natural limits as a species inhabiting a fragile planet; The filming for Vital Space – Nature will take place in Australia, the oldest and less populated Continent on the planet. A place synonymous with the notion of migration. In this film the presence of humanity is suggested by its absence.

VS Humanity turns to humanity itself and places in sharp focus the masses that flow into Megacities which cannot, and will not, embrace them. Yet it does all this without hiding the intense beauty of the human condition, even under the most trying of conditions thrown up by the modern urban jungles. The cities included in Vital Space – Humanity are cities such as: Istanbul, Athens, Paris, Cairo, Seoul, Los Angeles, Lagos, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Shanghai and others.