Water Traces – making the invisible visible

Water Traces – making the invisible visible is a site-responsive land-art work inspired by underground streams and creeks which, like veins coursing under the earth’s skin, flow silently beneath our feet. In a gesture of acknowledgment of people who contemplate the interconnectedness of our planet and its consciousness, the work invites viewers to participate. In a continuous journey […]

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HOME/HOPE is a capsule exhibition centred on notions of belonging, identity and our dreams for the future at the Larnaca Biennale in Cyprus. Curated by Yev Kravt, this exhibition features 30 guest artists, all exploring the intricate theme of “home” from diverse perspectives. Just a single letter differentiates home from hope; but does the notion of home […]

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Inhale | Athens, 2008

An Installation and performance in collaboration with choreographer Ioanna Parrali – Landscape Dance Company. Technopolis, Athens, Greece. (October 29th- November 2nd  2008). From different points of departure, two Greek authors leave to common destination and deliver the result of their creative cooperation with the form visual art performance. Locating jointly in the operation of breathing, […]

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The exhibition invites Greek and Cypriot artists, in an effort to explore the correlations between the rhetoric of resilience, ecology, urban planning, sustainability and social organization. The participating artists are invited to explore the ways in which artistic gesture can contribute to the understanding of resilience within a compassionate and consoling discourse that can – […]

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Video Art | Athens, 2011

The images used in this video were taken by Danae Stratou during her 6 month stay in Istanbul in 2010 for the purpose of realising her project Vital Space (Humanity) – Istanbul. During her stay she regularly flew over the city by helicopter. All the images used in this video were chosen from the aerial […]

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EKO 8 Triennial International Exhibition | Maribor, 2021

Danae Stratou participated, with the installation Memory Threads II, in the international exhibition A Letter to the Future of the EKO 8 triennial, which opened on 21 May 2021. The venue of the exhibition was the former textile factory in Melje, Maribor, Slovenia. Artistic Director: Alessandro Vincentelli. This site-specific installation is based on the first version of the installation Memory Threads which took […]

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Eidyllia Odos | Athens, 2022

Danae Stratou participated in the contemporary art exhibition Eidyllia Odos in Technopolis City of Athens with the installation Upon the Earth Under the Clouds. The exhibition featured works by 33 artists from Greece and abroad, and was based on an idea conceived and curated by Maria Marangou. Upon the Earth Under the Clouds * is […]

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