Airth Gates

Project Proposal


Airport Entrance Project

“To travel hopefully…” air travellers are welcomed into and out of Austin through a dynamic elliptical structure carved out of, and into, Texas’ primordial elements: its Sky and its Earth.

I sought to utilise the same textures, principles and materials that I have always used in my work and to combine them with local, Austin-based, expertise in the construction of a genuinely site-specific, and yet universal, artwork to be experienced bodily in cars, taxis and coaches while entering and exiting Austin’s airport. Austin’s AIRTH GATES offers an enduring, recurrent experience to all who are induced through it, either into the airport terminal from where they will take off or into Austin’s metropolitan area.

Austin’s AIRTH GATES extends my artistic practices specifically to this particular site to produce a work that is Monumental in scale, Iconic of Austin’s elemental qualities, Minimalist in terms of both its aesthetic and its maintenance needs, Timeless in the midst of an ever-changing city, Ancient in its simplicity, and Contemporary in its design and engineering.

For the geometrical analysis of the project go here: Geometrical Analysis

Programming & Visualisation: Lefteris Virirakis (Architects + Visualizers)