Water Squared

Sculptural Installation

Curated by: Bia Papadopoulou

Scyronium Museum

Athens & Megara, Greece, 1996

Sculptural Installation created in Athens, Greece, 1996. The prototype of this work was originally realised during my studies at the Central St. Martins School of Art and presented at my degree show in 1988. Water Squared was later re-created in a more refined version and upgraded materials in my Athens studio. My idea behind this work is that it functioned as a kind of “Self Portrait” where my inner world and feelings were in contradiction with the “shiny” external presentation.

Stainless steel, rusted steel, stainless steel Chinese health ball, sand, water.
External Dimensions: 4m X 4m X 15cm

9th International Biennale of Sculpture 1996-97. The Merit of the Dialogue – Transmutations of the Plastic Language. Curator: Bia Papadopoulou. Scyronium Museum. Athens & Megara, Greece.

Women Creators of the Two Seas. Organized by Unesco in the context of the Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe 1997. Thessaloniki, Greece.