Video Art | Athens, 2011

The images used in this video were taken by Danae Stratou during her 6 month stay in Istanbul in 2010 for the purpose of realising her project Vital Space (Humanity) – Istanbul. During her stay she regularly flew over the city by helicopter. All the images used in this video were chosen from the aerial […]

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Eidyllia Odos | Rethymnon, 2022

The exhibition travels from Technopolis, Athens to Rethymnon, Crete. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete presents Eidyllia Odos, with works by 33 artists from Greece and abroad. The exhibition was conceived and curated by Maria Marangou.In the midst of the pandemic, the global confinement and the atmosphere of the threat of death, we try to escape thoughts […]

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Platforms Project | Athens, 2018

Platforms Project, is a group artist exhibition that includes a rich and multifaceted program of lectures, videos and performances by the participating teams. The aim is to present the independent artistic scene, as it is expressed by artist run initiatives. The project was directed by Artemis Potamianou and Michalis Argyrou. This Project is presented for […]

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Memories of Nature | Raleigh, 2001

Art in Transition was a series of three exhibitions that combined North Carolina Artists with international artists through specific themes. CAM, transformed previously unoccupied buildings in Raleigh into temporary museum spaces for the purposes of each exhibition . The first exhibition from this series, was titled Memories of Nature. It presented the work of five artists […]

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Icastica | Arezzo, 2015

Icastica was the third sequence of a cultural event that deals with international aesthetics through art. It is organized by the Culture Department of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy. Icastica took place in Arezzo from the 27th June to the 25th October. That year’s theme was ‘cultivate the culture’ in the wake of the concept of Expo 2015,  ‘feeding the […]

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Borders, Barriers, Walls | Melbourne, 2016

The exhibition was entitled Borders, Barriers, Walls and indeed, borders, barriers and walls delineated this project that  included artists from around the world. It reflected on how these selectively impervious, contested or convoluted forms shape the world, producing situations of separation, isolation or thwarted passage across the globe, from the exile of Tasmanian Indigenous peoples to the islands of […]

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